Awards are always an interesting subject.  Very often, as with many aspects of life, opinions are varied and the 'winners' of such awards are the subject of much discussion.





In 2009 we decided we wanted to introduce a 'Manufacturers' award at the Stoneleigh kit car show.

The criteria for our award was simple.

It was to be given to an owner that had demonstrated something 'extra' in either the development, use or enjoyment of their car.

No votes, just our decision as to someone that deserved the award because we thought so!

The first year we presented the award it went to Jim Walker.

Jim built his car some considerable time ago and has now probably covered more 'Gentry' miles than anyone else in the country, somewhere in the region of 150,000!!

Jim would be the first to admit that there may be others out there with a better paint finish or a prettier pair of seats, but there certainly isn't anyone out there that has had more use out of their car.

Jim has traveled the UK, often with his caravan in tow.  A few years ago it would have been a double crewed car with Jim's beloved wife Rita sat alongside.

When Rita passed away Jim continued his travels, not packing away his car never to be seen again.  I doubt he has even heard of the term 'laying it up for the winter'

Well done Jim, you truly deserved the first winning of this award. We hope you enjoy many more years yet in your car.  You have set the bar high and it is now up to others to follow.


Jim his car and his caravan!




In 2010 the award went to Paul Sutton, the then London and South East club secretary.

Paul built his car some time ago and then after an unexpected meeting with a ditch the car remained in need of repair for some time.

Eventually Paul set about the rebuild and then decided to move away from the traditional Triumph and Ford engine and fit a motorcycle engine instead.

The issues Paul had to overcome, the difficulties with trying to match parts that really weren't meant to go together are well documented in the Register Journal and well worth a read if you fancy trying something different!

For his sheer tenacity and determination to get his car to run on something unusual Paul deserves recognition and was therefore given our award in 2010.

Paul receives his award on a cold wind swept Stoneleigh day!





Throughout 2011 it looked like there was going to be an obvious choice for the title, then just as voting was getting under way we received an email with details of a restoration project that was very close to an end. Now there was a close battle between 2 very good cars. Both were 'restoration' projects being 'built' again by their owners some years after their cars had taken to the road for the first time.

For those that haven't tried this yet then make sure if you do have a go that you have plenty of spare time on your hands.  What turns out as a 'quick' fix for all those little items you didn't like the first time round quickly becomes a labour of love almost to the same scale as the original build!

The photos below hopefully show why this years award has been given to Mark Smith from Stafford.

A glorious 'refurbishment' worthy of the many admiring glances I'm sure it will get.