We have a modern dash blank that needs a new home, so if you are looking to refurb your dash why not give us a call? This one is a steal at £10

We also have a set of steel wheels with the round holes (Probably off an MG Magnette) complete with chrome wheel trims. £60

If you like the idea of using a 'real' MG fule tank then we have one here.  Woul dneed treating inside to ensure the petrol only comes out the way you want! but is believed to be a genuine TF tank, £100

We also have a spare wheel frame.  It would look more at home on a TD as it is that style, but does make mounting your spare wheel really easy. £50

We also have a Ford type 9 gearbox.  No idea of what state it is in although it is believed to be good. £50

Need a spare engine or Diff?  We have a selection of engines and Diffs that we will sell at a very reasonable price.  Email for details


We are often asked about second hand spares but have never listed them as they come and go fairly quickly.

However, over the last few years we have stripped out many Heralds and Spitfires and have collected quite a few parts that may be of use to someone.

Over the next few months we will be clearing and listing some of the items we have and so in the meantime if you need something why not give us a call?