PRICE LIST AS AT November 2014

If you require parts for your car, whether it's a Gentry or not, and you believe that our parts may fit your car then give us a call

We are able to supply new body panels as well as almost all the chrome parts you will require for your car.

**Please see the bottom of the page for details of our Suspension Nut and Bolt Packs**

  • If you do not see what you need please contact us and we’ll do whatever we can to locate it at a reasonable cost.
  • Please see the bottom of this page for the costs of new body panels.
1 External  Mirror (Oval, single fixing hole type)
£50 Each
2 Wiper Arm (Spoon fitting)
£15.50 each
3 Wiper Blade (for above)
£12.50 each
4 Escutcheons, Toilet seat type chrome     
£4.75 each
4 Escutcheons, IVA approved stainless     
£7.00 each

Indicator Torpedo lights

(Can be used for sidelights or indicators or by purchasing a combined bulb unit can work both functions together)

£59 Pair

Conversion double bulb kit

£35 Pair


Front Bumper (with starting handle hole)

(Price does NOT include bumper bolts

see below for prices)

7 Over rider (complete with rubbers)                          
8 Badge Bars                   
From £16.50
8b Badge Bar clips
8c Badge bar brackets for Spots
9 Front Bumper fixing Irons                           
£22.00 Pair
10 Quality chrome plated plastic grill                           
11 Internal IVA approved mirror                            
12 Dummy Radiator Cap (Gentry Style)

Gentry Motors Grill Badge

Metal Enamel

14 Wheel Spinners

Plain £18.40 each

MG logo £19.55 each


Door Hinges

Gentry 'Undrilled' type

£16 Pr

Locking Door Handle
£39 Pr
Non Locking Door Handle
£35.50 Pr

Gentry TF Bonnet side badge

Metal Self Adhesive


£21 Pair

Bonnet side Chrome strips
£99.50 Pr
Side strip fixing kit (for fibreglass)
Side strip fixing kit for aluminium
Centre strip end capping sets
£22.50  -  4 piece set
Chrome centre strip only
20 (b)
Metal Hinge plates x 2 for fixing to bonnet
£62.00 Pr
Chrome Running Board Strip set
Fixing kit for above
Tank Edge cover strip (supplied straight and unpolished)
£8.50 per side
Rear Light plinth rubbers
£1.75 each
Wire Wheels, 4.5" x 14"   60 Spoke

Call for current price

Hub adapters for Triumph hubs to 14" wire wheels
Call for current price
Tanks straps (with rubbers)  NOT CURRENTLY AVAILABLE
£35.00 Pair (June 2015)
Rear bumper fixing irons
£18.50 pair

Rear Bumper

(Does not include bumper bolts, see below for price)

Over rider (with rubbers)
Rear Reflectors
£18.00 Pr
Rear light plinths
£52.00 Each
Stainless steel luggage rack
Dash Board
Please phone for details
Internal IVA approved mirror
Moto lita steering wheels various

From £120

Please phone for details

Various Dials and Instruments
Please phone for details

Mechanical parts and spares

If we are unable to supply we will provide you with contact details of where you can purchase

Please phone for details


Individual seat frames

With or without adjustable runners

Prices from £75
Wing Nut, 2 eared to windscreen
Hex sidescreen socket

Sidescreen mounting bracket

1 eared nut for above
Hood to screen securing nut and bolt
Plain Grab Handle

Chrome bumper bolts

2 lengths available, either 20 or 40mm

comes complete with nut

Please note that without over riders you will require 6 bolts for the rear bumper and 4 for the front.

This is normally 4 long and 2 short for the rear &

4 long for the front

with over riders this is reduced to 2 long and 2 short for the rear and 2 long for the front

£2.25 each including nuts

Rubber pad, wing to running board

Uncovered sidescreen frames without

door brackets

£120 Pr
Fixed Tension 2 Hooped hood frame
£130 Please speak to us for info
Adjustable tension 2 hooped frame
£165 Please speak to us for info

For sidescreen frames and hood frames please note:

Due to the variances in the 'older' cars we can only fabricate these items if you can bring the car to us so we can measure the exact size required.  Without seeing the car it is very difficult, if not impossible, to get a good fit.  If unable to bring the car to us we may be able to supply some photographs and information for you to attempt your own or to take to a local firm.

Budget Bonnet Locks

Plastic Self adhesive Grille Badge





Plastic self adhesive

'Gentry TF' Badge


£3.00 Pr



To overcome the issue of the steering column not being long enough for your Gentry we have had produced for us a complete longer column.

This column retains the 'flat' on one end for the collapsible part of the column and also has the machined splines for the UJ at the steering rack end.


Don't risk welding or joining two parts to make one column, just fit one of our 'one piece' Gentry columns. 

Intended to replace the Triumph column yet still retain the 'collapsible' part of the column




If you are unlucky enough to damage your car or any of the panels we can supply you with top quality replacement panels.

Details as below

1. Front Wings       £195 each

2. Rear Wings      £144 each

3. Bonnet (No hinge etc)      £190

4. Bonnet with hinge and centre strip      £365

5. Doors (for suicide hanging)      £120 each

6. Running Boards      £45 each

7. Tank Cover      £65  

8. Rear Valance     £45

9. Inner Wing (louvered panel)      £105 each

10. Scuttle      £65

11. Radiator      £150

12. Chromed plastic grill      £340

13. Grill as above with Dummy cap      £375 (Gentry Domed) 

14. Chrome on brass windscreen (with feet and glass)

Due to ever increasing material costs please contact us for latest prices      

15. Screen Feet (Brass)  Due to ever increasing material costs please contact us for prices

    Supplied as a 'rough' casting requiring shaping, polishing and then chroming

16. Screen feet (old aluminium style)     No longer available

17. Fuel Tank (10 gallon)     £180

18. Gearbox cover Triumph/Ford     £60

19. Prop shaft cover     £50

20. Body Tub (minus any panels except the rear inner part of the tub)     £3,995


With few 'local' outlets stocking the various sizes of Nuts and Bolts we decided to put together a few packs to cover your needs.

If you are planning some maintenance work to either the front or rear suspension then check out the contents of our suspension Nut and bolt packs first.

Supplied in 4 simple packs

Pack 1 Front lower suspension  £11.95

Pack 2  Front upper suspension £5.50

Pack 3 Rear Shock Top pack £6.30

Pack 4 Remainder of Rear Suspension £8.50

Contents list and labeled diagram with every pack.




  • All prices exclude postage and packaging costs.

We reserve the right to alter costs as and when necessary.

Items specially ordered and 'bought' in can only be returned if faulty.

All our items will fit our 'new' style Gentry.  There may be some requirement to re-shape or slightly alter items to fit older cars.

Please speak to us if in any doubt.